Our friends (we think you'll really like them)

Our every-last-detail service includes helping you find the very best event vendors to throw the very best party. We bring the food, drinks, rentals, and staff, and we know people who do the rest (from photography to entertainment).

For over a decade we’ve been fortunate to work with people who crush it. Click on the appropriate FIG below to see Vendor Recommendations for your party!

Other things/people we like

Chicago favs...

Maria's Community Bar (you’ll notice some FIG trucks in Bridgeport)
Honey Butter Fried Chicken (fried chicken with honey AND butter)
Katherine Anne Confiserie (hard to say, easy to eat)
Publican Quality Meats (is it the meat or the bread?)
Pleasant House Bakery (savory pies, fried fish, pizza...)
Northern City Chinese (order cumin lamb)
Scofflaw (gin, gin, gin)

Some of our farmers...

Slagel (four generations of raising happy cows and pigs)
Gunthorp (pastured bird's the word(s))
Ellis Family Farms (fruitbelt Allstars)
Nichols Farm & Orchard (sustainable veggies grown right down I90)
Metro Farms (greens and tilapia. grown indoors. in Chicago!)
Chicago Mushroom Company (mad science + delicious fungi)      Great American Cheese Collection (artisanal, domestic and dreamy)

The gorgeous photos on this site were taken by: