Manifesting Vegetables

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source On being a Veggie Psychic in an age of climate change Chicago is known for smashing two things together. The resulting word sandwich is swallowed into the city’s lexicon, hopefully washed down by craft beer. Frunchroom. Brunch. Linner. Sprummer. Winting. Since we are languishing in the latter (winter + spring = winting) — grey sky and April snows — we … READ MORE

EMME Open House

Living the Life : Luxury Redefined

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viagra generico 100 mg prezzo a Roma Imagine you’ve been invited to the EMME Open House, a brand new condo building in Chicago’s West Loop. You step into a spacious lobby with wraparound 20 ft windows and are directed to take the elevators up to Floor 3. As you open the amenity room door, you’re greeted by the sounds of a cocktail shaker and the smells of …

Justin’s last hurrah

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side effect of lasix Almost 13 years ago Molly and I scraped together $2000 and decided to start our own catering company; FIG was born and it has been quite the rollercoaster ride. I have had the pride and joy of working with very talented and unique people over these years – chefs and cooks who are some of the most creative and hard-working …

How much does a wedding cost?

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see url So you’re getting married – congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful, perplexing world of wedding planning. There’s a lot to think about and we totally understand if your head is spinning; we’d like to offer some helpful advice as it relates to wedding catering (an area know a little about since we cater nearly 70 weddings a year). A great place …

The “perfect” holiday party

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We realize that the summer is just coming to an end, but for Chicago party planners it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. We all know the holidays can be stressful, but if you plan well at least some of the stress can be alleviated. Here are FIG’s best tips for planning the “perfect” holiday party: 1. Timing isn’t …

We can pickle that

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While Porlandia did a hilariously good job of spoofing the Millennial phenomenon of pickling…everything, when we’re in the season of local produce it’s hard not to want to grab on to it and try to keep it along for a bit longer. Plus pickles are really good. So, what do we pickle that you might not think of? The first …

NeoCon and beyond, making an impression

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NeoCon, the commercial design trade show behemoth, kicks off this year on June 12th and we are ready to cater. Also known as “interior design Christmas”, it’s a call home for designers, architects, and commercial trendsetters. River North turns into a hive of activity including dramatic product reveals, seminars by international design experts, and creative cocktail parties galore. FIG has …

We like to party…with architects

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Is that crazy? Do you consider architects “square” or unadventurous? We disagree. Throughout the years we’ve worked with many great architects, design firms, contractors, and architecturally significant venues. And we’ve come up with some pretty creative stuff – worthy of the pages of Architectural Digest, if you ask us. Embracing a theme without taking it too far is a skill. …

Pet Peeve’s Resurrected

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As I was looking through old blog posts to resurrect I came across this fun one from 2011. I added some peeves (because I’m older & more crotchety now) and hope it’s fun way to start the new blog. – Molly) Stay in this business long enough and you’re sure to see the same things done over and over again. …