About Us

Helmed by Molly Schemper, a former branding executive/boat-hand/bartender/pastry chef FIG Catering offers custom, personalized event catering For Intimate Gatherings.

FIG Catering was formed in 2005 serving mostly in-home parties and has grown to include larger events in offices and event spaces around the Chicago area, but has not forgotten their mission to provide handmade food and personal service no matter what type of event.

Caterers shouldn't limit your creativity

FIG Catering partners with all their clients to empower ideas and make them happen. No detail is too small, no request will be met with an eye roll — they revel in the challenge of bringing your vision to life.

More than just a "green thumb"

Sustainability is an important part of FIG Catering. From working with their local community for fresh, seasonal foods to using recyclable materials, our sustainability efforts go far further than just "farm-to-table." See more about our sustainability practices »

Meet the FIG Catering Family


Molly Schemper

Owner & HBIC - molly@FIGcatering.com

Molly grew up in a restaurant and is still remembered for sneaking chunks of blue cheese before it was made into dressing. She went to DePaul University to study marketing, but eventually abandoned her career in advertising to work like her parents before her, putting good food in front of people. She worked as personal chef and crewmember aboard two private yachts, then resettled in Chicago where she met Justin while slinging burgers and beers. Molly's love of food, baking skills and knowledge of marketing served her well as FIG grew, but she definitely still enjoys the busyness of working behind a bar or on the floor to make an event perfect.

Meghan McCann

Human Resources & Business Manager meghan@FIGcatering.com

During the decade she worked in non-profit development, Meghan spent nights and weekends teaching herself how to temper chocolate and make bagels. So when the economic downturn hit and she found herself unemployed, she followed her love to pastry school. After honing her skills at a two-Michelin starred restaurant, a small batch jam maker and many places in-between, she came to FIG in 2015 enticed by the siren call of no longer working baker's hours while still working in an environment that values hospitality and the power of experiences shared around food. In her free time, Meghan enjoys reading, exploring cemeteries and commandeering the jukebox at Simon's Tavern. She lives in Uptown with far too many mid-century modern chairs.

Holly Gillis

Sustainability & Marketing Director - holly@FIGcatering.com

While studying Economics at UIC, Holly discovered she was a micro-econ girl in a macro world, drawn more to the details of farmers’ markets over stocks, social rather than financial capital. Holly's first four years at FIG were spent working directly with corporate and non-profit clients on their events, but in 2018 we created a new position that we feel she exemplifies. Combining an element of sales with a focus on what makes FIG different - our sustainability - and how to communicate that to the world. We hope she can make us even better at creating impactful events that create less of an impact on the environment and convince you why we're worth more.


Ryan Herendeen

FIG Drinks Beverage Manager - ryan@figdrinks.com

After dropping out of seminary, living in Africa for a year, finishing a philosophy degree, and mastering all things cheese and alcohol for over ten years at various Whole Foods Markets in Chicago, Ryan took the next logical life step by joining FIG's staff full-time. He especially enjoys FIG's commitment to craft alcohol producers, use of seasonal produce from the table to the glass, and client-focused services across a variety of events and settings (as well as creating your next favorite drink, whether it has booze or not). When not at work, Ryan is busy teaching his toddler how to kick a soccer ball and handle himself on the dance floor (neither of which his dad ever had a handle on, so good luck, kid).

Stephanie Lu Jokich

Senior Corporate & Non-profit Event Manager - stephanie@FIGcatering.com

Stephanie has over ten years experience in hospitality from her first job at a local doughnut shop, to organizing basement punk shows, to running farmers’ markets, to harvesting olives in Pistoa, Italy. Her creative side loves to paint, take photos, and write, but her business side is all about making sure you’re spending your event dollars on things that matter most to you. She lives in Bridgeport with her two cats, and insists Mitch Mitchell from Ultimate Experience is the best drummer in the world.

Ivy Colon

Wedding & Special Events Manager - ivy@FIGcatering.com

Ivy comes to FIG with a twenty-year background in hospitality, most recently as the Events Director with another Chicago caterer. What drew her to FIG was their commitment to providing food that is not only delicious, but also locally, seasonally and sustainably sourced. She looks forward to building on that great foundation of amazing food by providing personalized, impeccable service. As an event manager, Ivy is dedicated to her clients from the initial inquiry, through menu creation and event design, all the way to on-site coordination the day of the event. When she is not working, Ivy enjoys going to see shows, trying new restaurants, cheering for the Michigan State Spartans and entertaining at home with her husband. Whether it’s for work or play, she is most satisfied when the people around her are having a great time!

Laura Brister

Wedding & Special Events Manager - laura@FIGcatering.com

Laura is originally from the cornfields of the Illinois, but it didn’t take long for her to realize the city life was for her and move to Chicago to study at DePaul University. After graduation and a detour in Denver, where she discovered her outdoor interests were mainly drinking on patios, she came back home with passion for event management. Heading up donor events at the Shedd Aquarium she got to work with many event vendors and realized that catering was the most interesting aspect to her. She is thrilled to join FIG not only because the food is locally sourced, organic and delicious, but the attention to detail is unmatched. In her free time, you may find her at a Dolly Parton concert, a musical, or at home in North Center watching awful reality television with her lovely roommates.

Justin Hall

Owner & Executive Chef Emeritus - justin@FIGcatering.com

Justin has been cooking since he was 15, including formal training in high school and at the Culinary & Hospitality Institute of Chicago. You may have read that he recently "retired" from FIG which is true, but he still makes cameo appearances when the team needs him.