Catering for corporate events of any size

Your corporate event needs a caterer with every-last-detail care — because drop-off service won’t impress you or your clients

Events require businesslike catering efficiency. Doing it yourself can mean 30 hours trying to plan and prepare — not the ideal use of your time.

At FIG Catering, you get an event manager to ask the right questions, create a custom menu, and walk you through all of the planning steps. You can count on a decade of experience catering events of all kinds, which allows you to actually enjoy your successful event. No last minute freak-outs, or details overlooked.

Gluten free. Inspiration. Formal. Unconventional. Vegan. Dairy free. Open-bar. Alcohol Free.

We've done them all before, and we know how to do them again.

And, speaking of a menu, your event manager will listen to all your needs (gluten free, vegan, dairy free, etc.) and develop a menu to inspire the troops, wow the client, and keep those grumbling stomachs at bay.

Full service?

Why settle for mere “catering” when you can have every-last-detail care?
See what we mean

Our services for corporate events include:

Cocktail Party Services
Food to complement your wine, craft beer, or custom cocktails
See example cocktail party menus
Buffet Meal Services
No boring buffets: create a theme menu or your own custom line-up.
Exciting buffet meals this way
Plated Meal Services
Our hands-on approach makes you feel like you have a full-time personal chef.
Get restaurant quality meals at home

Your partner rather than your caterer

See what clients have said about partnering with FIG Catering for their social events:
We had a great time! The food was wonderful. This will be a hard party to top! Your staff was very helpful and extremely professional. The food was dynamite, and we couldn’t have been happier to work with you all.
Mindy Ruthenbeck, Pacific Resources
The event was fantastic. Working with FIG was an absolute joy. The food, drinks, and service were all phenomenal. The fact that the crew left no trace that they were ever there made it feel all the more like a dream!”
Tate Brazas, U of C Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality