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canadian viagra buy online drugstore As I was looking through old blog posts to resurrect I came across this fun one from 2011. I added some peeves (because I’m older & more crotchety now) and hope it’s fun way to start the new blog. – Molly) Stay in this business long enough and you’re sure to see the same things done over and over again. This is not always a bad thing; sometimes tricks of the trade just make everyone’s job easier, but eventually you’ll develop a list of things that just irk you. It will not be the same list for everyone. Some peoples’ unnecessary embellishments will be others’ whimsical touches. Well, in the FIG office we’ve developed a list of some of our pet peeves:

vardenafil online spedizione veloce 1. ROSEMARY SPRIGS – I’m not anti-rosemary, it has its place alongside a steak, in savory stews, in focaccia, or other numerous applications, but when I was first in the business there were rosemary sprigs on nearly every dish that came out of the kitchen. Rosemary was “the perfect garnish” – green, sturdy, and fragrant. My problem? Most of these dishes didn’t use rosemary as an ingredient and they didn’t need it. It was not only superfluous, it overwhelmed the dishes. Scent plays a strong role in taste so the presence of rosemary will affect the taste of the dish. And, I still see it! In photos and at other caterers’ events I see unnecessary rosemary sprigs and I cringe. 2. CUPCAKES, DOUGHNUTS, OTHER TRENDY DESSERTS – Everyone should have the dessert they want at their wedding and it doesn’t need to be cake. That said, find the dessert YOU like don’t just go with what is “in.” Cupcakes are ill-proportioned cakes and doughnuts are rarely good once you get around to them at the end of the night. 3. GREEN WASHING – This is a problem across many industries and catering is not immune. These days it’s trendy to be green and therefore many claim to get their meat from local farms, avow the use of compostable disposables, and take credit for the use of recycled products when these are anomalies and not a normal part of their business practice. Even though we’re not perfect FIG takes pride in the way we source and prepare food, and conduct our business. You’ll often see Molly sorting recycling/compost/trash at the end of the event, hear our Event Managers explaining why we don’t offer strawberries in February, or talk to our servers or bartenders about the great, sustainable products they are serving. 4. CHAIR COVERS & TIES – If your venue has ugly chairs, rent different chairs! By the time you rent linen chair covers and ties and pay the extra staff time for putting them on/taking them off, an upgrade to a great chair will be the same price if not less. I’m sure this is not all of our peeves, but we don’t want to seem too bitchy. We hope you understand that overall we LOVE catering and our jobs, and if you want cupcakes or doughnuts at your event that’s great as long as you really love them!