We like to party…with architects

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Is that crazy? Do you consider architects “square” or unadventurous? We disagree.

Throughout the years we’ve worked with many great architects, design firms, contractors, and architecturally significant venues. And we’ve come up with some pretty creative stuff – worthy of the pages of Architectural Digest, if you ask us.


Embracing a theme without taking it too far is a skill. We don’t want to do things that don’t make sense from a food perspective, but we’re not against having fun. Check out this architecturally inspired menu.

The Menu

We created this menu to reflect schools or architecture.
buffet hors d’oeuvres
Linear – Polenta Squares with olive tapenade
Greek – Marinated Olives & Feta, and Lemon-Caper Hummus
Roman – Italian-style cheese & Cured Meat Platter,
and FIG-Apple-Taleggio Focaccia
Prairie Style – Grilled Beef Skewer with beet horseradish crème
New School – Pork Pâté with apple gelée
British Empire – Tea Sandwiches and Mini Fried Cod Cake
Dessert – Iced Skyscraper Gingerbread



How cool is this?
It’s a replica of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater home made from gingerbread and white chocolate! Our ex-baker, Jeff, spent many painstaking hours on this labor of love and we still think it’s one of the coolest architectural food pieces we’ve seen.

  • Satisfies our inner-nerd
  • Edible (kind of)
  • Beautiful

Great architecture, great venue!

With all of the historical spaces in Chicago it’s only natural some would be available for parties, right? Here are some of our favorite architecturally significant party venues:

Firehouse Chicago
As the name suggests, a venue housed in a refurbished firehouse, they embrace the history with props, photos, and a real firepole!

Emil Bach House
Another Frank Lloyd Wright original – the lines, the location, the light (reflecting through the stained glass windows) are breathtaking.

Pleasant Home
A Prairie-style home in Oak Park designed by George Maher. Excellent for teas, brunches, or non-profit events.

Keith House Chicago
One of the few remaining Victorian-style mansions on Prairie Avenue, Keith House has a homey feel (if your previous life was as a wealthy banker/merchant in the 1870s).


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