Chicago couple at California Clipper; Photo: Brian Cooper

Wedding Talk with the Groom

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Kevin and Meghan (above) at one of their favorite Chicago hangouts, the Clipper. Photo by Brian Cooper

Meet the soon-to-be wed Kevin. He has a lot on his plate. 

Not only is he managing operations at Pilsen Event Rentals (FIG's in house rental company), Kevin is GETTING MARRIED this fall! If you haven't encountered him at the beginning or end of a FIG event, please meet the incomparable man-behind-the -beard, Kevin Carlson. We were SO EXCITED when he casually (Kevin rules the "cool, calm and collected" set) mentioned he and his partner Meghan were visiting Chicago wedding venues. We think these two are a beautiful pair, and are thrilled and honored they've chosen FIG to cater their wedding. 

In the wedding industry, blogs and tradeshows skew very BRIDE and don't always capture the interests and style of the modern engaged fella (although there are a few, like this dapper menswear show at Merchandise Mart). To the contrary, we've found FIG couples to be equally engaged in planning a celebration that represents them both!

We caught up with Kevin to get his unique perspective on WEDDING PLANNING. (NOTE: we'll check in again before his October wedding, in the "final countdown").


Kevin and Meghan looking fierce during their engagement photo shoot with Brian Cooper

(FIG) How would you describe your wedding style? You’re a straight to the point kind of person. 3-5 words that best describe what you and Meghan are going for.

I think we're just looking for a good mix of the traditional and non-traditional. We want to create a wedding vibe that expresses us as a couple, our weird/fun natures and have a wedding that all our family and friends will really enjoy and appreciate. So in a few words - intimate, weird, fun?

(FIG) I know you had an atypical engagement timeline. That’s very modern of you. What were the first things you two wanted to lock down when you decided to get married, and why? (e.g. Bling ring, venue, food, proposal, pictures, music)

Yeah we definitely did alot of stuff backwards haha. We were talking about getting engaged and really loving Salvage, her mom being the proactive person she is called them (in March 2018) to ask if they had 10/19/19 booked, which they did. So that really started the backwards ball rolling and we put money down to secure the venue we knew we wanted, before even making it official. The other things surrounding the day that we knew we wanted have kind of fallen into place afterwards, i had my mother's engagement ring which we wanted to be part of our union, and working for FIG and a little research on our own (mostly her) really helped the timeline.

(FIG) Were there any specific things that you wanted to take the lead on? What’s most important to you on your special day?

Nope. I really stand back as far as the "vision" goes, that's her forté. She's got an aesthetic in mind and 95% of the time i'm pretty on board. The most important thing to me is bringing all of our friends and family together and that they have an awesome time!

(FIG) What do you think your role is in planning?

Sounding board and moral support, for sure. I think most dudes really just want to get there and have it be fantastic and also over with, maybe not maybe it's just me. I recognize and appreciate how much work goes into it all especially by the ladies. 

(FIG) What has been the most difficult decision so far?

Honestly.. cost of things and having to scale back on guest list or other items because budgeting for a wedding in this day and age is nuts, even with help from parents. 

(FIG) Why did you choose Salvage One for your venue?

Oh it's definitely the venue in Chicago that showcases our style the most. Kinda rustic and eccentric, bunch of cool old architectural pieces and random oddities scattered around, lighting is really toned down and cozy feeling/intimate.

(FIG) You recently had your wedding tasting with FIG. Tell me more about this Soup and Salad combo, and why you wanted to include it in your wedding day.

Uhh, cause it tastes amazing? We were curious more than anything else about the chestnut soup and kinda just wanted to try it, definitely a good choice.

(FIG) What are the most “metal” aspects of your wedding? I know you and Meghan bonded over music — it’s a beautiful thing. I would love to know what your first dance song will be, if you’ve chosen one.

Going to shows together has been ridiculously fun, so looking forward to a lifetime of that. Oh it's not going to be just 3 hours of doom metal, gotta have a little something for everyone. Pretty sure there's going to be a much more traditional playlist than people are expecting, definitely going to be some Motown and regular reception playlist stuff but we're going to sneak a few metal gems in there. Think our first dance might be "What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong. Or maybe it'll be "Angel of Death" by Slayer? You never know, you're just gonna have to show up and be ready for anything. 

(FIG) Any other nontraditional details that you’re excited about?

Not that i can think of right now, maybe our food choices are a tiny bit nontraditional, not everyone has beef carpaccio or pumpkin bread camembert sandwiches on their menu. And besides getting to marry the love o' my life i'm definitely excited about the food.

(FIG) Do you think you had an advantage working at PER and seeing things "behind the scenes"? Do you keep a running list of questions for Molly?

I mean of course that was a HUGE advantage, i knew firsthand how great the food was and how knowledgable Molly and the rest of the event managers were so when the time came to ask for help i knew exactly what questions we needed answers to. You're right though i still have more questions because the planning process isn't over yet!


We can't wait for this wedding... Photo by Brian Cooper

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