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Laura’s 2019 Wedding Trends

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Laura Brister is one of FIG's fantastic Wedding Managers. Here's her take on everything to look forward to in 2019:

There is no question that 2019 is going to continue to take the creativity, elegance and deliciousness that weddings in 2018 brought and step it up a notch, so let’s dive in to what looks to be a really beautiful year of celebrations ahead! Obviously, we’ll start out with some of my favorite new trends we’re seeing with food and beverage, since it’s near and dear to our hearts here at FIG.


Buffet Hors d'oeuvres at A New Leaf

Pictured is a plate of buffet hors d'oeuvres at a recent A New Leaf wedding. Photo by Couple of Dudes

Clients are opting for a more interactive, relaxed presentation for their wedding food. Couples often forego a formal plated meal served tableside, and give guests the opportunity to move around a bit while filling their plate at a buffet. Another great way to encourage guests to mingle is to get to know your table neighbors through family style service or an action station (think BYO Spring Rolls or Mac n' Cheese Bar). These formats accommodate a broad range of guests' eating preferences and allergies and gives you a break from collecting dietary requests from all your guests. If you were wanting to tie in different ethnic menus as well, stations are a great option for a variety of delicious buffet hors d’oeuvres.

Refreshingly NON-ALCOHOLIC 

Hazy Shade of Winter Nonalcoholic Beverage

Pictured is the "Hazy Shade of Winter" mocktail, featuring seasonal winter grapefruit. Photo by Adam Biba for Tuan B. & Co.

We all know that alcohol can add to the atmosphere of your wedding, and if you are encouraging everyone to abandon their inhibitions on the dance floor by the end of the night, it’s not a bad idea to feature some spirits on your special day. Since it’s a day filled with champagne, wine service with dinner, specialty cocktails with bourbon or gin – why not opt for a special beverage SANS ALCOHOL to serve your special guests? It’s a no brainer with the freshness offered from seasonal fruits and vegetables, beautiful colors to add to the décor of the day, and also giving your liver a quick rest before it’s on to the next Old Fashioned. Plus, it's a great way to ensure there is something for everyone (grandma, your ultra-healthy yogi BFF) at the bar. Thinking about a summer brunch weddingFIG Drinks , our arm of craft beverage catering , can develop something unique and seasonally appropriate (and as equally energizing as those forlon energy-drink & booze combinations) - Sputnik Cold Brew with a dash of seasonal cherry syrup anyone? 


Hazy Shade of Winter Nonalcoholic Beverage

Pictured is a Coral Charm Peony from Flor del Monte, one of our favorite local florists

In case you haven’t heard, Pantone’s color of 2019 is Living Coral. What’s better than tying in your beautiful hanging greenery than with a pop of color? Zenia, owner of Flor del Monte, recommends being as specific as possible, especially with a color that has so many options. This will help all your vendors stay on the same page. What flower should you set your sights on if coral is your cup of locally brewed tea? Without hesitation, Zenia says this is the year to showcase the Coral Charm Peony, while honorable mention goes to the Coral Godetia and we are HERE FOR IT.

"Make sure you consider which route - pink or peach - you want, since coral offers both."
Zenia Ruiz, Wedding floral pro


Lush tablescape with velvet linens

A lush tablescape photographed by Story & Gold Weddings

We’re definitely seeing the trend continue into 2019 that focuses on rectangular tables, farm tables, and kings’ tables to give your reception a welcoming and royal vibe. Throw on some velvet linens and you’ll be ahead of the trend.



Greenery for the ceremony space at Salvage One, one of our favorite Chicago venues . Floral by Splendor of Eden, Photo by Studio 29.

Time to bring the outdoors inside with hanging, gorgeous, dramatic greenery. Along with setting a really great ambiance, hanging décor also provides a beautiful backdrop for photos, dinner settings, and of course, your ceremony, so think about ways to find multiple uses for your décor throughout the night to be a bit more sustainable while staying on budget!


Low Waste Cocktail

(A low waste FIG Drinks cocktail, one of the many ways FIG strives to be an eco-conscious caterer; photo by Tess Graham for Edible Chicago)

As always, we encourage you to take a look at your wedding and find ways you can cut back, be green, and be eco-conscious. Swag may be fun, but is it something that will be going immediately in the trash? Using vetted green vendors will give you a big jump start to make sure your wedding is eco-friendly (check out vendors part of the Green Wedding Alliance). You can also reach out to former married friends who also may have awesome hand-me-downs to reuse (no one will remember them, we promise) OR save the date April 7 for The Great Wedding Recyclery. In the FIG "lab", we're also finding ways to repurpose ingredients (like juicing pulp and rinds into garnish for specialty cocktails) and reduce food waste. FIG also offers composting service at your wedding, and can arrange for donated floral arrangements.

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