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FIGgy Pudding and other Holiday Recipes

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FIG's favorite holiday recipes.

As everyone waits impatiently for dinner to finish "broasting" (or burning), be the hero with the relish tray.

  • Also, FIG can pickle that.

    Relish tray veggies

    Pickled veg is a must on any relish tray.

  • Holiday nostalgia is served up with Event Manager Stephanie’s Relish Tray Essentials: three bean salad, deviled eggs, bread & butter pickles, cottage cheese and sliced beets. If you’re traveling to the ‘burbs, make a pit stop for a holiday nosh at Stephanie’s favorite Merichkas.

  • Relish Tray

    Merichka’s classic, Photo : Roadfood

  • Deviled Eggs on a vintage platter

    Deviled eggs. Classic.

And something to wash it down - holiday cocktails for all your relatives at once.

FIG Drinks Beverage Director Ryan loves classy cocktails that are delicious and simple, like the Boulevardier (hard to say, but smooth going down). This holiday tipple recipe is designed for hosting a large group).

Sweets and spice for after your holiday meal.

FIG Pastry Chef Velma is a holiday cookie master. Her chocolate crinkle is a favorite at events, and this Red Velvet Crinkle cookie recipe is the perfect adaptation for the holidays (and it reminds us of Santa’s suit).

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What is FIG Drinks?

FIG Drinks is our full service bar catering brand. Ryan, our Beverage Director, develops recipes year-round featuring craft beer, wine and local distilled spirits.

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More recipes from around Chicago:

Chicago is a proud city of immigrants. Check out this list of holiday recipes from around the world.

If you're wondering where to find cardamom pods, Epic Spice is fantastic local option.

And as promised, here is a recipe for FIGgy pudding. For all the demanding carolers in your life who want it right now...

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