Manifesting Vegetables

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On being a Veggie Psychic in an age of climate change

Chicago is known for smashing two things together. The resulting word sandwich is swallowed into the city’s lexicon, hopefully washed down by craft beer. Frunchroom. Brunch. Linner. Sprummer. Winting. Since we are languishing in the latter (winter + spring = winting) -- grey sky and April snows -- we thought we’d talk more about growing vegetables and being a green caterer in the Midwest.

During the growing season, FIG sources produce from local and sustainable farms. At peak harvest, 80% or more of ingredients used in FIG food come from farms in and around Chicago, including
Nichols Farm and Orchard, Ellis Farms, City Farm, Patchwork Farms, and more. For the purpose of our seasonal menus, Spring begins in mid - April. This means we are watching those fresh sheets like a hawk, and currently lamenting the lack of ramps, asparagus, radishes, morels, spring onions. Historically, these are the first things to pop up in Agricultural Zone 5.
Now this weather is just getting ridiculous… As you might have figured this has been a very difficult start to the spring.
From a recent Nichols Farm email:

Remember these?

Local Produce Salad form a FIG Event

Local Salad with Bib Lettuce, Burrata, Snap Pea, Fava, Herbs

Prosciutto-wrapped Local Asparagus

Right now any crystal ball looks like a snow globe and unfortunately, there is no Chicago farmer equivalent to the Long Island Medium. Although if there were they’d have a southside accent. The closest predictive power out there is the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and the wizened weather watching of seasoned growers.

We don’t know when exactly we’ll see those tender green first crops, but we eagerly await Seasonal Menus like this dinner:

FIG Seasonal Plated Dinner

Spring Seasonal Plated Dinner

For now, we’re supplementing what we can from urban indoor farms, such as Metro Farms and Chicago Mushroom Company. Although we realize no one person can influence or predict the weather, seasons are shifting.  In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to encourage everyone to consider their carbon footprint, eat seasonally, and SUPPORT LOCAL GROWERS!

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  1. I love veggies. You can eliminate meat in my diet but never vegetables. I’m happy that you will be the green caterer. Good for the health of both earth and people.

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