The Calm Before the Storm

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It’s about 3 hours before we leave for our event tonight – a birthday party for 60 people – and I’m at a loss for what to do. The food is prepped – as much as can be done ahead of time. The non-perishables are packed and in the truck. The paperwork – invoice, supply list, server information sheet – is printed. I always get to this point. I wake up early thinking I have a lot to do for the upcoming event(s) and I finish early. I usually don’t have enough time to start any large projects, so I end up checking my e-mail too often, reading my favorite food-related internet sites and, lately, playing games.

I’ve never been a big computer gamer. I had an Atari growing up. I like crosswords, on or offline. I used to play Tetris at my work-study job in college until my eyes crossed and I’d dream of colored blocks. Now I find it an occasional distraction from my busy workday, but I still feel guilty for not doing something productive.

What do you do when you don’t want to do work?

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