About Us

Helmed by Molly Schemper, a former branding executive/boat-hand/bartender/pastry chef, FIG Catering offers custom, personalized event catering For Intimate Gatherings.

FIG Catering was formed in 2005 serving mostly in-home parties and has grown to include larger events in offices and event spaces around the Chicago area, but has not forgotten their mission to provide handmade food and personal service no matter what type of event.

Green isn’t just a color to our network

We practice what we preach when it comes to catering green. FIG sources local, organic, and sustainable ingredients as much as possible and was an original member of the Chicago Green Wedding Alliance and Next Bites (née The Chicago Green Restaurant Coalition).

FIG is active in the community in trying to decrease Chicago’s carbon footprint through education, eco-friendly business practices, recycling programs and using low refuse food preparation program (reducing waste by trying to use everything!). FIG works with each client to create not only a special event, but a special greener event!

For more information about our green practices, please read our Environmentally Responsible Business Practices.
Snail of Approval
Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition
We Compost - IFSC
Green Wedding Alliance Approved Vendor
Certified by Here Comes The Guide

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